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Vintage Recoloured and Patchwork rugs

The average age of a Viteaux Originals recolored vintage rug is between 20 and 40 years. Our suppliers buy the best hand knotted rugs from across Anatolia, whereupon the rugs are restored, cleaned and provided with new colors resulting in a contemporary vintage-or patchwork rug. The patchwork rugs are provided with an additional protective underlay. All recolored- and patchwork rugs are woven from 100% wool.

Beni Ouarain carpet

The average age of a vintage Beni Ouarain berber rug is between 20-40 years. Our suppliers buy these rugs from various villages. Nice to know is that each drawing is unique to a region. Just like the recolored rugs, the vintage Beni Ouarain rugs are cleaned and restored. The Beni Ouarain rug is guaranteed 100% environmentally friendly and made of white and dark sheep (100% wool).

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