Production process

The average age of a Viteaux Originals recoloured vintage and patchwork carpet is between 20 and 40 years. Our suppliers buy the best hand knotted rugs from across Anatolia, whereupon the rugs are restored, cleaned and provided with new colors resulting in a contemporary vintage- or patchwork rug. The patchwork rugs are provided with an additional protective undergarment. All recoloured- and patchwork rugs are woven from 100% wool. The best quality rugs are selected and preprocessed to be 'colored' afterwards. The old color is extracted from the carpet. The decolorized rugs are washed and after washing, they are hung out to dry. The colored carpet is cleaned, and washed to remove the unwanted residue. After that the carpets are dried in the sun. The patches are drawn and cut. Each patch becomes festooned individually for optimum strength. The patches are put together in order to get a first impression of the carpet. The patches are labeled so that they are put on the right spot in the carpet during the stitching. An underlay is added and the edges are festooned. The carpets are checked for irregularities with meticulous attention. 

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