Customized patchwork carpets

We can customize patchwork carpets in any size and/or color for you. How does it work? We let the carpet-patches lay together for you and send you a picture. You can judge these high resolution pictures and if needed we make desired changes. Then the rug will be sent to us. All this can go quite fast. Delivery takes approximately between 7 and 10 days after your agreement.
The price for a custom-made patchwork rug is € 160,- per square meter. This price includes VAT and delivery.

Stair Runner:

We also offer stair runners. These are completely custom, unique and lay by us. The stair carpet wille be placed by a true professional. Price on request, because most of the stages differ in size.

Grandma's old carpet:

Do you have inherited a carpet, or are you attached to a carpet and wants you not give it here? At Viteaux Originals we can give this carpet a second life, we can fix the rug and/or give it a new color. The entire process of sending the carpet to Turkey, the restoration, the cleaning and coloring takes approximately between 3 and 5 weeks. The price of a carpet restoration and recoloring is 150 euros inc. VAT per m2 inc. shipping.

Custom Beni Ouarain:

Regardless of the vintage (20-40 years old) Beni Ouarain Berbers we also offer these carpets completely customized. This Beni Ouarain carpets are handmade woven in Morrocco using traditional methods wih 100% A-quality wool. The price is 210 euros per m2 inc. Vat and delivery. Delivery time is approximately two months.

Custom recoloured rugs:

Do you have something else in mind than what we offer on our website, we can always go look for what you wish at our suppliers. On the basis of the photos we will send you, you can make a choice. Delivery after your agreement is between 7 and 10 days.

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